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I've been trying to reboot. I did well until I got sick, sinus infection. This long, cold winter Chicago is having, combined with illness makes salad very unappealing. But once I got better I was doing okay. Then I got a little intestinal thing. I think the fiber, etc. I take for regularity got all clogged up. After that I couldn't eat anything (good!) but eventually needed something in my stomach and the only thing that appealed to me were carbs. This was bad because I'm such a carb/sugar addict. It was like a heroine addict just having a little bit to feel better. So I went on a major binge. Gained 4 of the 6 lbs. that I lost in my reboot. !*%! So I was back on yesterday. Sorry I'm giving so much detail.

I wanted to thank Lisa for posting the new phase 1 guide. You made it so succinct and perfect. I had a feeling the apple cinnamon puffs were restricted. So yesterday I was't really on plan cuz I had 3 bags of those! But still, I didn't have any of the crack cocaine, I mean sugar/fat junk, that I had binged on.

Pukka- one of the things I have found is that if it is too early for my next meal or snack is look at the clock and tell myself to wait 15 minutes. And if I'm doing something boring (like cleaning or laundry) I take break and do something that I enjoy that is not eating. For me it is usually sudokus (a complete time waster) while watching a guilty pleasure T.V. show. Then sometimes during the TV I can start to fold the laundry or hang things up. But there are certain times, especialy in the beginning when I just have to put the diet first. If that means something doesn't get clean, oh well. Sorry this is so much information!

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