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Morning all,

Bright and sunny out there - things are actually dripping so at LONG last we might (might) be actually rounding the bend to spring. I cannot wait. I used to hate February but now March has joined in. It gets VERY boring here March and April. Nothing going on, a lot of restaurants close until May and the ones that stay open tend to have shorter hours. Even though I am out and about, I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever.

Went to the shop yesterday - it was slow. $28 in sales all day. I don't think the book lady came in on Tuesday - one is out with back surgery. The shelves were a mess and there were 2 boxes of donated books that had to be shelved. One box was overflowing with romance novels so I sorted those out between the Harlequin and Silhouette series and separated them from the other romance authors and made everything neat and tidy. DH picked me up and we went out for our usual Friday fish fry. We went to the Steakhouse which has one of the better fries. It was just past 4:30. They said the dining room didn't open until 5 so we sat in the bar and I had my 1 glass of White Zinfandel Happy Anniversary drink. They have the most delicious salad with greens, dried cranberries and walnuts. The best part is the white balsamic dressing. Going to have to experiment to try and recreate it. I tried a few bottled dressings and nothing comes close. Afterwards came home and was having a bad pain day so I caught up on some recorded tv shows, brushed the cats and decided to go to bed instead of reading for a while. Nothing exciting for sure!

Today is housework and some laundry. I also want to start my yoga for arthritis dvd because the end of the month I start a new yoga class with a really popular teacher and I'd like to be a little more "stretched". I realized the class I am going to now, she has been doing yoga for years but just because you can do, doesn't mean you can teach. Some days after yoga I feel worse which I now realize that I should be making some modifications in the postures. I did discuss that with her one day before class but nothing much came of it. So I'll try to do it on my own. I am also trying to figure out how I can start this 90 day walking program with things starting to get icy, slushy mess outside. I may just have to walk in circles around my house. I do have the treadmill in the garage but it's like the inside of a refrigerator in there and I'm not sure if I'd be stressing the treadmill running it that cold too. Hurry up spring!!!!

About your question on closing the threads Terra - the only people who can close threads are the person who started the thread and the 3FC administrators. I have to say that I don't usually close a thread when we move to a new one, because it's generally just our little group here and I don't worry about someone going back and posting after we've moved on. I did close last month's thread. Susie will have to close this one when we move to April. How are you doing on your food?

I noticed a bunch of us (myself included) have sort of fallen off the logging wagon on MyFitnessPal. Come on guys, let's get back in the swing of things. I skipped Monday because we had the Humane Society pot luck dinner and I had no way to put that in and it seems if I skip a day, I seem to miss a few days. I'm going to be more diligent in my reporting and what I'm eating too as I noticed the scale moving up 2 pounds.

Michelle - feel free to pass along any good tips from your back rehab class please. I'm glad to hear that Santa is eating a bit more - that's great news. I remember the stomach upset from medication - no wonder the poor guy was avoiding food - and he can't even take a Tums like I did! I hope he's feeling better. Did you decide on some meals for exSIL? Double mastectomy - is this preventative? I know of 2 situations where it runs rampant among the females and every single daughter and mom and grandma had it. Scary Mary!!!! I guess if it was that prevalent in my family - I'd be looking at some aggressive things too.

OMG - there is light snow in the air. The sun has moved to slightly overcast and there is the wispiest bits of snow gently floating in the air. NO NO MORE SNOW PLEASE. Geez Louise I am so tired of winter already. Ok, off to get busy. Have a good weekend all.
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