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Good morning, ladies! 41 degrees and sunshine after a rainy day yesterday7.

Today I'm going to tea with Glory and then do a few errands.

Faye, poor Jack! Not much they can do for a broken rib but medicate for the pain. Quilting stencils are plastic.

Jean, back to the real winter world! I'm sure the gift shop and church missed you while you were gone.

Maggie, to answer your question about Yoga and Hinduism. In this country, we mainly do Hatha yoga and it is not a religion. I have never seen yoga in any list of the world’s religions. Did yoga originate in a country whose culture had a predominate religion (Hinduism)? Yes. McDonald's originated in a country predominately Christian. Will eating at McDonald's lead to becoming Christian? Practicing Hatha yoga will no more cause you to becoming a devotee of Krishna than it will make you crave curried rice or dress like Gandhi. What did the developers of Hatha yoga intend it to accomplish? To convert people to Hinduism? No. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is what we strive for. Hatha yoga was intended to be a method of simultaneously improving the body and the mind/spirit, including preparing the body for the physical demands of extended meditation. Among many other things, the spiritual side of Hatha yoga values not harming others, developing the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, and learning about the nature of your mind. I really enjoy it and my teacher is Christian.

Have a wonderful day.

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