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Hi Serenity,

I tried the yogurt last week. The flavours were pretty good. I compare the protein amount with other brands at the grocery store and they all had the same 8 grams of protein. However, I'm really not impressed that they don't tell you the reason why it is 1 point instead of 2 points like the other zero fat yogurts is because it contains Splenda. Totally not impressed. Not everyone enjoys having fake sugar in their bodies.

I'm just a little grumpy about it because at the time I didn't realize it and I wasted ten dollars on a ton of yogurt that had to be given away. And I read and compared labels as well.

Anyway if you don't mind Splenda - and some people love it and that's fine - then it's a good value. But I am looking at weight loss and weight maintenance from a whole health perspective and I don't think Splenda is a good personal choice for me. Therefore, I am back to my old brand this week
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