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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
Yeah, I'm not on bored with his plan, and it's not working for him, but there's no arguing with him. I know men and women are different, I just don't think he gets what I'm doing all the time, but he can't deny that I'm losing weight and he isn't. It's just frustrating because on the outside he's supportive of my diet and what I'm doing, but then he initiates these conversations about how he could give me a better diet with cheat days blah blah.. so it seems unsupportive.
Sorry he's so unsupportive Amber - makes it hard. But I'm with Lisa, you know what you are doing is the best for you so hang in there.

I've been lucky - my dh is super supportive and has been since the beginning. Even on days we aren't eating the same thing he often tells me my food smells better than his! And he's totally on board with eating the same foods when I hit maintenance with some adjustments for him (larger portion sizes, etc.). Plus I'm really proud of him - he needed to gain 10 lbs and yesterday hit his goal weight! We're kind of like Jack Sprat and his wife in reverse.

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