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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
Yeah, I'm not on bored with his plan, and it's not working for him, but there's no arguing with him. I know men and women are different, I just don't think he gets what I'm doing all the time, but he can't deny that I'm losing weight and he isn't. It's just frustrating because on the outside he's supportive of my diet and what I'm doing, but then he initiates these conversations about how he could give me a better diet with cheat days blah blah.. so it seems unsupportive.
Oh, that's a "tell him how you feel" in the most gentle way possible kinda conversation.
Keep it about you and the lack of support you're feeling.
Perhaps even point out that it's working for you so doesn't need fixing. You just want unconditional support. And that he doesn't have to "do it" you just want him to support you and help you make it as easy as possible.

My DH has been willing to keep foods out of the house or out of my sight. He has stashes. Its his stuff. He bought some GS cookies and a "serving" is a sleeve. That used to be my life but I know how those items make me feel now. All that gluten and sugar makes me feel yuck. In some ways I'm glad I've had the plateau b/c I phased off for a bit and got to experience how many foods make me feel. It sure reduced cravings for them!
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