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Good Morning! The sun is shining and the temperature is heading up to the 60s, maybe. We have a lot of snow to melt and the streets will be sloppy. The scout ceremony was very impressive last night. Three high school scouts dressed in Indian outfits read the rites and the younger boys actually walked over a small wooden bridge with the next troop level scouts on each side exchanging their scarves and patches for the new ones. Afterwards I mentioned that I didn't remember Jason having that kind of ceremony and he said they just read it at a regular meeting. The "banquet" was pizza, lettuce salad, bars, and a decorated blue and gold cake after the ceremony. We all left with very blue tongues and teeth!

"Gma" -- I know I don't appreciate how much Bob helps me around the house until he is gone for a few days and I have to do the chores. I don't know if I would like to snorkel or not. Kudos to Jack for trying. The kids did when they were in Maui but I think I will stay above the water with the whales. I know my granddaughters would like your glittery sandals.

Maggie -- You are having more fun selecting items for the motor home. It's a good thing you like to cook and create interesting dishes. It sounds like Will has had many experiences in his lifetime. Did he ever ride in the Cherokee rodeo? That's a biggy around here. There's also one in Sioux City each year but I forget what it is called. We don't often sit in the chairs where the cats parked while we were gone. I noticed Ernie is back there again this morning.

I need to get dressed and go pick up this weeks gift shop money. Hope you all enjoy your day!
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