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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
My boyfriend has this idea that a diet is worthless if it doesn't have a cheat day. He thinks that if he behaves all week then on Saturdays he can eat and drink whatever he wants and with no moderation. I can't seem to explain to him that it doesn't work like that. I mean if you have to have a cheat day have one monthly or less, and then use some moderation, but a weeks worth of dieting is pointless if on the weekend you eat and drink yourself into oblivion.
He's gonna do what he's gonna do.
You do the thing you know is right (no cheating).

I learned a long time ago I can do a lot of wheel spinning trying to change other people but it is hard enough to change myself!

And guys have a whole different metabolism. If it works for him, whatever. It surely isn't establishing good habits that will be maintainable. Most of our maintainers report that even a "fun" day in maintenance needs to be moderated. But again, you stick to what you know is right and moderate yourownself.
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
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