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Very quick post. My sister is here. She is a very stressed out person who helps a lot of other people in her life but unfortunately they are all very unhealthy--some in body some in mind. the result, after a good (not kidding) 1.5 years of solid stress? She had full blown panic attacks on her way here-one as she awake, one in the airport and major one on the plane that was part of her own doing (she got up during assent in the plane cause her pwder rolled ut of her purse--she went for the powder and experienced massve g-forces. Hello? Such is my willful sister! Anyway--I DID NOT EAT OVER HER STRESS *major kudos* and I am successfully whisking us away to a gallery talk called Artistically Delicious with *culinary historians!!!* (it's on that page) plus the work of Mary Pratt. So. Better be off. I will be on plan today (no sugar + tracking) wth s good deal of walking. Bye for now

UPDATE: well. Held to no sugar for the day *credit* chose a veggie burger for pete's sake at the diner we went for dinner at-with a small bowl of soup instead of fries *credit* and major credit for eating one fry and then stopping at that one as it wasn't for me to eat. *credit for stopping. My sister is concerned as she agrees there has been some major progression in my mother's health in her mind and body. The night nurse was eager to stop in to talk to her and to tell her that my mother should be on the long term care list and she has been trying to leave the facility at night, but since it's so cold she is stopped but they are concerned about the warmer weather and whether they will always catch her. Not good. She is also entering other people's rooms, and that's not good. I don't know how long things take, I know moving to a place where the residents cannot leave from (I hate to call it a "locked ward" but that is what I am talking about) ie long term care, is a long time waiting game. Unless there is an emergency. Anyway, I sure don't want there to be an emergency. So we are going to visit some of these places while my sister is here as we need to try to manage this whole thing before it becomes an emergency. I'm ok with it today. I knew it was coming. It's tough that it's happening. I have no idea how things will go. All I know is, as small as it seems right now, food will not make things better or change things in any way shape or form. And I am completely powerless over my mother's condition. My sister was less stressed out and the gallery visit was great for both of us. We took a major break and did something nourishing just for us. *credit* to me for doing what we need to do to feel good.
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