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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
My back has been so much better but I can relate! Take care of yourself.

It was the approx 9 mo of PT that finally worked. But I can still tell the pain is still right under the surface. If I overdo, I get little painful movements and points. It sure keeps me doing my PT homework on a regular basis. I'm just glad I'm not shelling out $100/week for copays anymore
I'm doing the PT exercises - especially the stretches, they actually feel good. Lots of ice today. They warned me that I would have good days and bad days but I'm hoping soon it will be more good than bad. My insurance covers an absurdly small amount of the cost so it's great motivation for me to do what I am supposed to!

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
RuthAnn..I am lying in bed watching the Sun rise over the water in Orlando, Florida! Total coincidence that our house sold on Tuesday and we flew out Wednesday!
About 90% of our stuff will remain in boxes. We are looking upon this as a gypsy adventure, camping out for nine months....fitting in our son's wedding in October. We just accept that every week brings different things.
If luck is really with us we might be in our new Suncadia home for Christmas.
Oh, I want to watch the sunrise from my bed! Bet you can't wait to get into the new home, although "camping out" can be fun too. When we moved here we didn't unpack anything but essentials for the first year until we bought our house - I was so glad to get somewhere "permanent."

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