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Hi Coaches, I enjoyed several days at the pool and drove through a harrowing snowstorm yesterday to assure I would be in the right place when work calls. DH stayed over and I have some challenges this week while he's away. Tommorow, my helper and I go up into the attic of the old train depot (my final project) and try to troubleshoot/fix an electrical snafu. It seems the problem we thought resolved wasn't….Oh, well. Tonight I start on the company books in an attempt to make big progress while DH is away. It's hours of continual data entry and he always feels abandoned. Weight stays down and I continue to follow my plan, although I discontinued counting days. My friends, who had not seen me for a month noticed my latest weightloss. I had to remind myself that at my current weight a 10 pound loss is much more noticeable than it used to be. Credit. I got my hair cut while over and it looks nice. It feels good to take care of myself even when busy.

BBE, I love the sound of your new class! Kudos for keeping up with your new habit, which was cemented by a super successful streak!

AZTricia, noting your frustration at not losing anything in over a week….will share that in the past 6 weeks I shrunk in size and fit into 4 pairs of pants comfortably, that before would not come close to buttoning (without movement on scale). The final 2 weeks the scale followed. Keep following your food plan and the results you want will come.

CeeJay, posting is good, especially when you are feeling negative. Can you pinpoint just what it is that is blocking your clear path? There were other things in my life I had to work on at the same time I was focusing on better eating. They were good distraction, as I found my most difficult times in a busy life were when I was finally home and feeling justified to "just relax". I had to rethink my position in some relationships that weren't serving me well, which was very painful, too. All in all the work has been worth it and I encourage you to keep trying and to keep posting.

Cheryl(seadwaters), yay for weight at ticker and committing yourself to trying to change/improve your food plan. Taking gardenerjoys' lead, I have found doing that really helps from time to time. Slow movement is movement! Kudos for noticing!

Helping rachel, yes, Beck strategies work in many areas of life.

gardenerjoy, yay for a change in plan when the to do list didn't seem right.

flnu, I had to chuckle….you said "Nothing to report" then reported OP, exercise and a loss for your Friday weigh in. Kudos-I think that's all report worthy. PS-thanks for noticing and for the reminder to me that I had a nice round number at the bottom of my ticker. Truth told, I have been so busy and posting from Iphone….I hadn't noticed.

ladym, kudos for skipping the snack when you found you didn't need it. That is thinking like a thin person.

onebyone, kudos for keeping the gym in your plans even when you are so busy.

MaryAnn, congrats on buying the new work clothes with a plan in place to accommodate a continual fit. Yes, that is a terrific incentive!

FutureFitChick, yay for using "No Choice".
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