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Originally Posted by pattygirl63 View Post
Carol Sue My second husband used to do that with me. I never really understood why. Whatever I couldn't have on a diet was the very thing that he would decide he wanted to bring home to eat. When I was in OA and was on their strictest low carb diet they had (back then you couldn't eat off in any way), we couldn't have pizza which didn't matter to me because I didn't like it then or perhaps I had convinced myself that I didn't. Anyway, he would go buy pizza and bring it home even though he didn't care for it that much either. I never could figure out why he would do this. There was a theory in our little OA group that husbands who did this may have wanted us to lose weight, but because of their insecurity, they were afraid if we got thin that we would leave them. Not sure if that is it or not. I'm not sure if they know or not.
my boyf makes a point of eating all the food i cant have 2-i think he think its funny and it sounds cruel but he gets pleasure out of it wen i have given in b4 and eaten junk food-whether they support weight loss or not(my boyf says i shouldnt lose weight but i want to b where im happy 4me)and maybe he doesnt like it wen i reach my goal because it would make him jealousnin a way..?does that make sense or do u think thats overreacting?i get no support from him at all for my dieting but i hage turned that around and i am actually more determined!dont give up and believe in urself!:-)
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