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I ate veggies as small child because that was practically all my parents fed me. But then I went to daycare around 5 years old and they introduced to me cheeseburgers and other bad foods. After that, I hated veggies and it became a struggle to get me to eat anything green.
It's all in what you're conditioned to like. The bad stuff has the unfair advantage because its everything we crave: fat, sugar, salt.

In high school, I started trying to like veggies. I started with the least repulsive veggie to my tastebuds: green beans, and simply choked them down. I did it again and again for many meals. Finally, they started to taste "tolerable" instead of "awful". Now, I like how they taste. Do they taste as great as sugar cookies? Absolutely not. But they do taste 'good' instead of disgusting.
I've been able to repeat this process of "adaption" with most foods I encounter. There are a few I still dislike, such as celery. But I'm not that motivated to make myself like those veggies since I already like plenty of other kinds.

I became vegan in January. Never dreamed of that happening given how many years of childhood I spent hating veggies. My younger self would die of shock if it met my older self now.

"Eat to live, don't live to eat."

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