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Originally Posted by Bellamack View Post
I too am a very slow loser, I am post-meno with hypothyroid. I think my meds need adjustment, I get bloodwork the first week in April. Even though I lose super slow on IP, at least I lose, which wasn't the case with other plans. I track everything on MFP and have a FitBit and I should have lost 3x what I did, so calories in does NOT = calories out. Hang in there

I too am post-meno - I went in to premature ovarian failure at age 37 and I'm now 46. I do believe the HRT has a lot to do with the slow weight loss as I'm taking in extra hormones to get me through to age 50! I agree - a loss is a loss and to count those victories!
What do you think about not eating enough calories? Do you buy in to the theory that your body goes in to starvation and holds on to extra weight if you don't feed it enough? I think about those contestants on 'Survivor' who hardly eat for 37 days and end up coming home lighter. Doesn't make sense to me! I doubt that I'm eating more than a 1000 calories a day...
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