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Originally Posted by Runner68girl View Post
I'm also new to this site - and looking for an on-line group for support. I am following the concepts of IP without the purchase of the food. I have an underactive thyroid so find it extremely difficult to lose weight. I did great my first month on this new plan (Feb, 2014) and lost 8lbs and 7 inches. I'm only 5 feet tall and would like to lose 40-45lbs. I weighed today and was up 2lbs - totally deflated me but I know this plan is the only way I can lose the weight. I have tried many diets with only a small amount of weight lost, and then I lose interest and motivation. I am interested in hearing if anyone else has struggles with the IP protocol and hypothyroidism. Is it more of a slow process if you have thyroid issues? It seems other people I have read about are losing more each week than I am. May be it has to do with the amount I need to lose? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Welcome Runner68girl! This is a great forum for advice, support, ideas, etc. Several of our members have struggled with thyroid problems and I am sure they will chime in since I don't have that issue and don't know a lot about it.

Weight loss isn't linear - some days I'm up a pound or two. If you are near TOM, had a high sodium day, a cold, injury - just a lot of reasons for the scale to go up one day. Just remember that scale weight is just one measure of success - how do you feel, how do your clothes fit, what are your measurements doing? If daily weighing stresses you out, switch to weekly - stress is not good for weight loss!

Finally, don't compare your losses to other people's (harder to do than say, I know!). Everyone's body is different and will react differently.

Hang in there, the weight will come off, just not always as quickly as we'd like!

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