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Morning all,

Got a light layer of icy schmutz out there. It's overcast too so doubt it will burn off before we have to head out of here. But, according to the forecast it's supposed to warm up to the 30's this week. Sure will be nice. I didn't make it to yoga yesterday - I was having kink types of pain and I knew from past experience that yoga would most likely have made me feel worse. I did however, go into the shop for my afternoon shift. The morning volunteer E returned back. Her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer the end of December. He was as healthy as one could be and the prognosis for treatment was good even tho these are probably 2 of the worst cancers. He was about to start chemo when he started coughing blood in the middle of the night - they stabilized him here and air lifted him to a bigger hospital and he died that night. It was sudden and devastating and made worse because the year before they lost their only son to a freak situation - he caught a cold, it turned to pneumonia and it killed him. So she is alone now. We were chatting a bit yesterday and I feel sorry for her. She's probably 5 years older than me. Said she may have to go get a job now as 3/4 of their income disappeared when the Mr. died. I tell you - that is one of my biggest worries - being alone, unable to get by and struggling financially and emotionally. DH assures me that while we will never be rich, even if he goes for that "dirt nap", I will be ok. E is very involved in the church - has a big support group but I know that tends to drift off over time as things settle down. I am glad she feels comfortable to talk. She asked if I could come in early a few times while she attends grief counseling and I said of course.

A guy stopped by and gave us a quote on replacing our deck. No cheap feat as it wraps 2/3 of the way around the house. The prior owner did not treat and stain the wood as he should have so things are warping and splitting. We looked at some composite material but that is really heavy and our deck is raised above the house as the house itself is elevated so DH said he things redwood might be the better route to go. I just hope the stock market holds up so we can make up some of the money we have to put out. And we have to plan this in between hunting and fishing seasons as workers here tend to drop everything and it's like official Wisconsin holidays when those things are in season.

I have my afternoon stint at the shop today - will finish working on the books. The shelves were a mess. I put out some new stuff too. Books are a little hard for me because I have to move my head in positions that seem to aggravate the vertigo but I go slowly. I was talking to the lady who does the books at the Humane Society Paws event on Monday and I had no idea how far she travels to town here. It's over 25 miles. No wonder she doesn't stay long but she is a huge supporter and always has been of the animals. So I will help out as much as I can.

Annie - sorry your day is starting so crappy. As for no insurance - hopefully you can stay healthy - did you get ANY carryover for your severance? Up here a lot of people don't have insurance and most jobs pay minimum wage so they do a lot of sliding fee scales - something to think about if you have to go in for anything. Also some companies will help with a break / coupons for meds too. Everyone can relate to unemployment so take advantage where you can. Fingers crossed, prayers said that something turns up soon for you. As for the new baby - I completely understand how you must feel wanting to do things for Ace, but if given the choice of a loving grandma or one who just throws money as the situation and moves on, I'll take love 10 times over. Fortunately this is a second boy and we all know the first kid gets all the new stuff so I hope Sissy kept some of Lil Man's stuff to reuse. My SIL is the queen of garage sales and all the kids toys and stuff came from gently used things - especially the wee tots who outgrow stuff very quickly. In fact someone (and I think I know who) donated a bunch of jumpy seats and kids toys that are sitting in the back room waiting to get priced. You can still do stuff - just get creative. Check out Goodwill stores - they tend to be big stores too.

Ceejay - did you see the post I shared on FB? Apparently a bunch of good Samaritans in Blytheville decided to help out those stranded because of the ice storm. I hope the new trainee heads to another part of the plant soon. Did you get the bedding for your spare room yet?

Terra - I just picked up a book yesterday - the 90 day walking program so I'll be walking just like you.

Michelle - nice of you to cook for the ex-SIL. I was going to recommend a pot of soup but don't know how heavy a pot she can lift. You can make a quick chicken tortilla soup with Swanson's Chicken Tortilla boxed broth, some sautéed bell peppers, onions, frozen corn and a can of chopped tomatoes (with Mexican flavorings in them). Add sautéed chicken breast strips or just a bag of the precooked breast strips they have in the meat section at the store. Add a bag of tortilla chips or strips to add in when they heat up the soup. I believe the recipe is right on the broth box. Very easy and good.

Option 2 - brown up a pound of ground beef with some chopped onions, salt and pepper. Drain the grease. Cook up a box of pasta - spaghetti, penne or elbows. Mix cooked pasta with the ground beef. Add a jar of spaghetti sauce and some Italian seasonings. OR add a large can of tomato sauce, chili seasoning and a can of rinsed and drained kidney beans for chili mac - use elbow noodles for that. Include a loaf of crusty bread to accompany the meal.

Option 3 - can't beat the ease of a store bought rotisserie chicken and some deli sides from the grocery store.

Option 4 - Mac and cheese. Get a couple of boxes of the Kraft brand. I doctor it up by adding a bit more milk and butter and then add in either chunks of Velveeta cheese or a bunch of slices of the individually wrapped Kraft American cheese to make it more creamy and cheesy. Serve with chopped fresh tomatoes as a side.

Option 5 - easy chicken and noodles. Brown up some diced chicken breast with a bit of olive oil and some diced onion. Optionally add chopped bell pepper if desired. Drain. Add the chicken to a large pan and toss in 2 cans of cream of chicken soup with 1 can of water. Add a bag of frozen peas and carrots. Optionally add a bag of frozen corn too if desired. Add more water if needed but don't make it too thin. Cook up a bag of egg or wide noodles. Can mix in with the chicken and vegetables for one pot reheating or put them in a separate bag and they can put the chicken mix over the noodles as desired.

Stouffers also makes some family size frozen entrees like meatloaf, chicken enchiladas, lasagna, chicken and rice. They are good in a pinch when you don't want to fuss much.

Hope that helps.

Laura - how was the movie? Hope you enjoyed your massage with BF. Sounds wonderful.

Shad - poor Christchurch has really gotten MORE than it's fair share of woes. Yet still it endures. What's on for the weekend?

I have to go get some breakfast and get ready for my shift. Have a good weekend all.
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