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Good morning to you gals. I am fixing myself some breakfast, Jack ate a bowl of cereal this morning and is playing Soduku on his Ipad at the moment and seems to be ok as long as he sits still. I have this expensive pillow from the place that sells those tempurpedic type mattresses and it conforms to your head and stays cool so I brought it down and put it under his left armpit to balance him so he isn't leaning over because his part of the recliner has the arm on the right side and the middle storage on his left. I am so tired though from not sleeping with him stirring a lot during the night from hurting and needing meds and then doing all the work here some of the stuff he does like bags and takes out the trash and carries clean clothes upstairs and all that. I told him no one will be visiting and the kids left for their cruise today so the downstairs is going to stay a mess until he goes back to work. It is too hard to work around him and be chasing after stuff for him and all that. I will get upstairs tomorrow or Sunday and clean the upstairs because he is sleeping downstairs at the moment in the recliner. He can't lay down as it hurts too much.

I got my glittery sandals and they fit perfect and look great. I ordered this lovely big black and white striped handbag and some big sunglasses and they are great too. I got an email from my friend and she asked if Jack snorkeled as Tom would like someone to go snorkeling with when we are in Cozumel. Jack has never been snorkeling, but he told Tom let's go for it so I ordered him a mask, fins, and snorkel. We decided to get a single use film underwater camera so he can take pictures rather than buy a waterproof digital one. It is a hassle to have to take film to Walgreens as I order my vacation pictures from shutterfly online. I can just download them to my account and they print and ship them to me. On the other hand, the Walgreens is right across the street so it isn't inconvenient. She is using a cane now too so I told her we could gimp along together. We have booked this resort excursion that is all inclusive at Cozumel. It has a water park, the beach, pools, all your drinks including alcohol is free, you have a buffet lunch including salads, entrees and desserts, etc. We shall see if is ok. The one we did in Jamaica was Hilton and pretty fancy, but this is more family oriented so we shall see. I plan on doing some swimming and sitting and reading or knitting under an umbrella mostly. They do have a shopping area so she and I may wander around there a bit depending how far away it is.

Jean: I can just picture your furniture all looking fuzzy from the kitties. I was so glad Fortune didn't shed, but Butterscotch sure did. I have a friend I went to high school with who worked in the insurance industry for years and about 15 years ago decided she was tired of it and became a flight attendent. She still flies all the time for Southwest Airlines. That is a job that takes a lot of energy I would think. She just did a week where she was in New Orleans, then someplace, then San Juan then Cinncinatti then Minneapolis, etc.

Maggie: Hope Will gets to feeling better with that tooth. I guess you will have to stick to things that slide down easy for awhile.

Everyone have a great weekend. I need to go and put my laundry in the dryer. Faye
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