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to doll faise, desper8, and idgie marie! (sorry for my abbreviations) really great to have new people here to talk to and commiserate with

Kathleen, you are doing so well! Yay!!

CDubs, congrats on the additions to your family and wow your partner was in the hospital for 2 weeks?? yikes.

Fi, I bet your niece was thrilled to get that artwork!

I had to go to our family doctor yesterday because Cananda Drugs called in my Wellbutrin prescription to be renewed, and my doctor wanted to see me because I hadn't been in for 2 years (sinus infection). I was afraid he was going to tell me to wean off the Wellbutrin but that was not the case..he said if things are going well then we don't have to mess with them. He is also a motorcyclist so he said 'we have to keep our President healthy' so a mini checkup, he listened to my heart ("that's a good sounding heart") and my bp is good 135/80; and I did have to step on the scale and I am 160 but he didnt lecture me about weight. I did ask about my knee and the first thing to do is get an X ray. but I don't know how much our insurance will pay for so I have to investigate that.

sorry for the huge paragraph all about me. I also got a cold from my miserable Rat [email protected]@rd of a boss, from him spraying his disgusting germs all over the place for days. Actually the germs could have come from hundreds of people but I just like to blame him

I spiraled back into bad eating habits and its like I never even tried it is just so hard .
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