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Hi folks, I'm not on IP but I previously lost a lot of weight (I was down to mid-120s, I'm working on re-losing some) but I was calorie counting and I went through a period of hair loss. I have seen others on this site (calorie counting) who had the same problem. So, the problem probably isn't specific to IP, just relatively fast and relatively large weight loss.

Your fat cells produce estrogen. When you lose body fat, you will lower the amount of estrogen in the body. Estrogen protects hair follicles from the effect of androgen which can cause follicles to shrink. If you lose a lot of weight quickly, you might or might not lose a lot of hair (I think it might partly depend on what your hair would look like if you were a man. At your age, would you have male pattern baldness? If your parents are old enough you might be able to tell; the thickness of your mother's hair at an advanced age is possibly more important that your father's. My mother had very thin hair on top.).

In my case, most of my lost hair has come back, but I've now gone through menopause (another reduction in estrogen) so it's a little thinner than it was before. Here's the one thing I did that I think really helped: I switched to using Nizoral shampoo. It's an antifungal dandruff shampoo and the active ingredient helps block the effects of androgen. I really did notice a difference after I started using it (not that instant, but within a few weeks the hair loss was under control and subsequently I regained a lot of hair). Google Nizoral and hair loss on your own. BTW, Nizoral was recently very scarce as there were some production problems, but it seems to be readily available again online.

Good luck with losing weight and preventing hair loss!
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