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Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Gym, CREDIT moi, was a new class for me, Arms and Abs. I learned that I need some remedial work on my arms and on my abs both. Ouch! But I mostly kept up except for a few of the "raise your legs up to here" places. My legs didn't go all the way "up to here." Despite its inconvenient time slot, I may be able to get to this one. Walked in the evening with DW to hear some opera students in recital. Sheer joy. They included Gee, Officer Krupke! from Bernstein's West Side Story. Thought I'd split my side laughing at the kids' enthusiasm in an old saw.

Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included Dahl for dinner. My key contribution was to ignore the broken corn chips and let them go to the worms in the compost bin. Seems odd, but in my past I've scooped all the crumbs onto my soup - getting the impact of the calories without the benefit of the fun chomping. I counted (thanks Joy (gardenerjoy)) the chips I had - thus reducing their number. No snacks - will take an additional CREDIT moi there.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Glad you were dug out enough to forage for life's necessities, "milk and library books."

Cheryl (seadwaters) Yay for the hip not interfering. Wish I had wisdom to offer on your question to select acupuncture, but I'm from the far end of your "fairly jaded view." I wish you well in finding your path there.

ladym0208 Skipping a snack is Kudos worthy - from the guy who's working that very issue at the moment.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for a low calorie day. Your scale will notice in its own good time.

flnu - Double Kudos for Yoga when you didn't want to do it - perhaps that's grounds to count it as 40 minutes. It's very Cognitive Therapy to simply see eating and exercise as "Both of these need to be solved."

Readers -
day 13 Overcome Cravings
..To weaken the intensity and reduce
the frequency of cravings, you have to
. . . . . .stop giving in to them.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.
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