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Default Friday night


Went to PT this am and with some adjustments all was well. Only when I walk too far (at the one time) does my hip complain too much now.

I am thinking about acupuncture because it can help with a range of issues including pain, appetite etc. I am trying to decide between two acupuncture therapists. One is your normal therapist with good credentials and I will need to lay out all the issues and see what he thinks. They all claim to be holistic etc but...I have a fairly jaded view of natural therapists so need to decide if I just want them to manage pain or, LOL, offer something more transformative. The other is the full deal - has had much publicity for slimming down a number of our politicians plus he is very discreet about other high flyers he treats. He also treated a woman from the dog park who lost 8kg in 2 weeks and proceeded then to lose a kg per week over 3 months. That was months ago and like the politician she has kept it off. He has a good track record with people with chronic illnesses and pain. But the whole treatment is about $5000. You go in daily for massage and acupunture and to pick up herbs for the week (you don't eat for the first 2 weeks except for his herbs). This is the supreme experiment in hunger is not an emergency. Apparently people don't get hungry on this. When I think I have spent about $15000 over the last few year being sick (and that is on top of good health insurance and social security) is it too much to spend on getting healthy - difficult. I think it is probably worth it but I don't have it really - it would be debt. So I am torn. Will talk to the woman from the park later tonight. I just think that my metabolism has taken such a beating that it needs to be kick started and this might do it - but might isn't good enough - I want guarantees!

Walked 7700 today and will do a bit more around the house; had 19 active minutes (high for me); did PT today and finished with 15 minutes on the bike with sprints (also high for me); packed and took a good lunch; dinner planned and in MFP.

BillBE - shame about the cold continuing. Credit for made-up errands and more walking with the bad guys persuing you. Love the story about pi which is inconveniently messy and the politicians attempt to clean it up! Liked the sound of your meal which could have been invented by a dietician

Tricia(fromAZ) - hope Pizza day went well. You do seem to plan your macronutrients well around a bout of pizza eating. PS - it is really easy to make your own delicious hummus - tastes at least as good as the Greek place's version. Mind you I don't have to homeschool a bunch of kids and probably have time for such things! Sounds like the dog recovered thankfully! Just read that you skipped pizza - hope you see a dip in the scales

FutureFitChick - glad you are feeling recovered and credit for using NO CHOICE to advantage

Maryann - I love to hear about clothes that are beautiful and fit and are small - credit to you for using this as a motivation to stay on track. Glad you are beating the sit while eating demon

Onebyone - credit for getting to the gym and doing what you needed to do

LadyM0208 - Yay for challenging sabotaging thoughts - and credit for taking your choice to be slim

GardenerJoy - Glad the weather let you get out and that your on plan streak is taking off. I have had acupuncture in the past and it was useless but that is because things had gone too far I think. Eastern medicine likes to be at the preventative end of things and at that stage it was way past that. So as you say I needed things to be fixed (surgically). Now I am hopeful it can step in and help with healing. Will let you know how it goes!

flnu - hope the work travel and vacation went well. I think the message from your diet resonates with me too. I am trying to get back into my exercise groove thanks - you make it sound good

So should I just pay for illness or invest in health? I know you can't help me decide but it is an interesting dilemma

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