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Good Evening! It's been an on the go kind of day. I got my nails done first thing this morning, stopped at the jewelry store to have a bracelet clasp fixed, went grocery shopping w/o a list, and home again. A friend stopped by just as I was going to vacuum so that didn't get done. For some reason both cats chose different chairs to sleep in so everything has fur on it. I sorted mail and paid bills after she left. I started a tickle cough yesterday and today have a head full of snot. I'm blaming it on the air conditioner in the car and air vent on the plane. The other gal was always hot and had the car and condo fans on high speed as well as the plane vent wide open. I caught it on the left side in the car and right side in the plane.

"Gma" -- I hope Jack feels better soon! Glad he didn't have to sit and wait a long time at the hospital. I think we may get a refund on the Zone 1 seating charge. We'll see. I didn't see the article about the woman pilot. We've had a couple of old and showing their age flight attendants. Our last flight was two guys which was different. I don't care as long as they know what they're doing.

Maggie -- Sorry, but I'm not a soft food fan; I like crunchy and chewy, so don't have any recipes except Jell-O or pudding. That's too bad about Will's tooth and the repair sounds like "hurt" to me. The dumb blonde admitted she had never prepaid baggage before. That should have been our first clue! Our seat assignments were in tact so we were happy about that.

I'm tired and heading to bed. Weather is supposed to be freezing rain tomorrow, so we may be staying home. Have a happy Friday!

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