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Mars when i can't control my intake of a certain food, i leave it out of my diet until i can manage it. That's my latest strategy anyhow.

First time i did specific food restriction, i kept all of them off limits that included not just sugar stuff but also, nuts, cheese, dried fruit and i can't think what else right now and most fatty goods - not avocados though.

Now on this current diet, i have found i can eat cheese in moderation, nuts also (but i don't eat them on their own, only as part of a meal with other things). If i saw i was having trouble with my cheese or nuts, then i'd have to think about chucking them off again. Same as avocados.

but then i'm not doing a high protein diet. My diet isn't about changing the ratio of proteins fats and carbs which would make it more complicated.

i have certainly noticed a link between mood and appetite. So now i think if you are on a diet, one should work hard also on the mood .
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