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Exclamation New Here- XPress results?

Hey y'all!

I have a question, but I need to explain my background so it makes sense.

I'm 30. In 2006 I did LA Weightloss after fixing a hormone thing and lost 60 of my 90lb goal. But I had a bad medication reaction and gained over 100lbs (in 4 mos). Nothing helped.
The past few years I've mostly been in bed because of a neuro issue and surgeries, and gained another 25ish lbs.

My doctor recently found something that would help, so I started LA Weightloss. Then about 2 months ago he added a (mild safe) weight loss medicine when I plateaued. In the past 6 months I've lost 50ish lbs of my 130lb loss goal.

I started on Red+, then Red, then went to Purple when I stopped losing. I slowly added in exercise- now at about 1.5 hours/day. (Mix of LA Steps moves and kickboxing, and a separate trainer routine, within my limitations).

The Question:
The past lew weeks I cannot lose an ounce (significant cuz with my meds I usually lose 1lb/2days). I'll lose a pound and gain in right back. It's not muscle; I hadn't changed my workout. Now I've upped my workout. I tried stopping and re-starting my meds. I did the Take Off plan. I've tried having 0 Starches. I've tried the "plateau buster" in the Newbie thread here. No dice.

My Specific Question is: should I try the Xpress Accelerated plan? It didn't exist last time I did it. Has anyone had success with it? Can you do it just 2 days instead of every week?

Or, even though I still have so much to lose and have only been on Purple 6 weeks, should I go down to Orange? Does LA Weightloss simply only work to lose a certain amount?

If anyone has experience with the XPress, or with this kind of situation?

Thanks so much!!!

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