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Pattience & Nelie: Thanks for watching my back re avocados! I picked the smallest one I could find because I have never in my life been able to leave avocado over. I will literally wake up in the middle of the night and eat the rest like a robot. The edible part weighed 4 oz--200 cal! And I thought I just had a sugar addiction, lol.

Nelie: Your eating plan sounds maintainable and healthy (and sustainable, too).

I'm reading The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program by Kathleen Des Maisons. It's been around for while, I think 2001. She talks about sugar addiction in terms of a trilogy of traits that can be hereditary: sugar sensitivity in which blood sugar and insulin responses to sugar are more than other people so we are perpetually eating to chase hunger and that starts the cycle all over. Then there is a low level of serotonin and beta-endorpin in the brain so they/we are prone to depression, SAD, and tend to be impulsive.

She has a dietary plan including protein in the am and a potato at night, among other things. These are precursors to serotonin. I've only just started the book but she sounds very credible.
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