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Good Evening Everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome day! It is wet, rainy, and cold as all get out here in South Carolina. I have the heat on and I don't even feel it right now lol...Work was good today, got a lot done and it was pretty smooth sailing...So glad tomorrow is Friday though, WHOOP WHOOP!! :-D

Tonight I made paleo orange chicken and had it with some mixed green veggies; broccoli, zucchini, snow peas and cabbage. I'm really not even missing the high carb foods like bread, rice, pasta, etc...Like I said last night, I did eat some bread and it made my stomach feel so bottom heavy that I really don't want to put it in my mouth again. I did buy some gluten free tortillas at the store today, but I really only have those maybe once a week or two weeks when I make some eggs on the weekend. I'm not saying I won't ever eat rice or potatoes again, but I am being very conscious about how much and when I eat it. It seems to be really working for me staying away from all processed foods, sugars and just anything artificial. I feel better, a lot of people are telling me they can really notice that I've lost weight, not only in my face but the rest of me too. I really think I'm losing more inches than what I'm seeing move on the scale. NSV's are good too so I'm not complaining!!

I think tonight I'm going to do some more work with my balance ball, if I can find a good work out for arms or legs to do with it. I haven't decided what muscles I want to work tonight. I know my abs are feeling it from core training last night...and it feels GOOD!!!

You know, it's funny how we all evolve as people. Not only physically, but mentally too. Over the past two years I have really taken a step back and looked at the things that make me unhappy. I've made a lot of mental changes to make sure what I do makes me happy, not dwell on the things I can't control, and learn to just be a happier person. That's not to say I don't have my days, but after I've gotten rid of all of the unnecessary drama in my life, things really seem to be brighter. I lost a lot of friends when I was making those changes, but those people weren't really my friends if they weren't there to love me for who I am and show me the same respect I would give them. Sometimes you have to just move on. Sometimes I miss those people, because at times, their personalities were good, but their intentions were bad...and it isn't worth it if you can't be happy with the friends you have and feel good about having that relationship, which I did not. I think my filtering out the bad in my life and focusing on the good, positive vibes and energies that I now choose to surround myself around, has prepared me for this journey I am now on to lose weight. It's like a fog has cleared and I can see it all now, for what it is. If I don't look out for me, what makes me happy and healthy and makes me feel good, no one else is either. Sometimes you have to grab life by the reins and kick major butt to get what you want. It will never come to you, and that realization when it comes to my weight loss has made me want to push even harder than ever in my life. I'm not going to lose all the weight I need to in a month, heck, maybe not even a year...But if I am persistent, and continue to do what I do now, I WILL lose this weight, feel happy, look great, and hopefully inspire others.

Ok, enough of my blabbing LOL!! I'm off to figure out my work out for the night. Take care my "fit family"...LOVE YOU ALL!!

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