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Originally Posted by Mipsie View Post
I'm about to start HMR as well. I don't know how sustainable it is (I'm a poor student) but I think if I even lose fifty pounds, I can move on to something else and be motivated by that initial bit of progress...I hope anyway.

Healthy Academic, your scree name intrigues me. Are you in academia?
I am!

I am still on decision-free and am now two days into my 17th week. Down 64lbs. Sometimes I get some serious cravings for outside foods (I wanted to steal a french fry off a plate earlier and then realized I only wanted it because I hadn't had lunch - ate some BBQ chicken with red beans and rice and I am satiated and good now).

I am now out of the Core 12 weeks and in the general phase one classes where we are learning a lot more about ourselves and our eating patterns. I don't think I have ever really confronted a lot my food issues before.
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