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I haven't seen or spoken to my doctor in a month+ and don't particularly like her. She doesn't listen when I talk, it goes in one ear and out the other. My last appointment with her was meh and I don't have a desire to go back. I'm thinking I'll try finding someone else, and closer, now that I've moved.

I'm still low on energy and motivation. That trip to the gym was my last as I hurt my knee and it's been too sore after standing all day at work. I'm not sure how to get enough energy to move, work is wearing me out so bad, I don't know how to keep going like this. I work until 7pm multiple nights a week so by that time, it's hard to make myself do anything. If I go before work, it'll be alone when I'd rather go with my boyfriend but he can't go that early.

I'm thinking a change of jobs is in order, this one is costing me my mental and physical health.
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