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Morning all. Sun’s shining. I walked to the train again this morning.

Happy – Enjoy your yoga class.

Terra – Keep on walking! Re closed threads...I’m not sure who actually closes them. Happy, Shad – is it one of you, or is it a 3fc administrator??

Susie – How are you feeling today?? Hope you’re feeling better and on the road to recovery.

Annie – Sissy’s due date is less than a week away now, isn’t it?? I hope she’s doing well.

Happy Friday Shad!!

Hi Michelle! Hi Ceejay!
I did two sets of my pushup challenge for yesterday, and one set did include two standard pushups.

I finally ordered a new wallet to replace the one I have. The one I currently have was purchased on clearance at Target and has all the pockets and compartments I want, but it’s made of what must be the lowest grade leather that exists. I’ve probably been using this wallet for a couple years now and it has never gotten soft or worn. Sometimes I wonder if it’s really “genuine leather” as is embossed on it. It might be “bonded” leather – here’s Wikipedia’s definition: Bonded leather or reconstituted leather is a term used for a popular upholstery material, which uses natural leather leftovers that are bonded back into larger pieces. The base upon which the reconstituted leather is applied is a strong fiber, and the mix can have varying degrees of organic leather - between 100% to 60% while the rest is polyurethane. My wallet must be high on the polyurethane and low on the leather, lol. …Anyway, I ordered from Fossil because I like the quality of their products. I also ordered a purse. Looking forward to receiving them.

Today’s my Friday since I’m taking tomorrow off. It’s also movie night and we’re seeing “Nonstop” with Liam Neeson. Just another one of those action movies he’s started doing.

I was unable to schedule a massage for tomorrow after my doctor appointment, but I set up appointments for Saturday morning for both bf and I. That’ll be nice. Tomorrow I haven’t made any firm plans for after my appointment except to bum around and shop a bit. I might hit the thrift shop, and I suppose I should check a couple stores for earphones. Maybe bf and I will go to see the movie “Gravity” at a matinee. Or maybe the Lego movie.

In the evening, I’m supposed to meet friends for dinner, including one who’s here from out of state. We still have to firm up the time and place, but it’s going to be near the subway line because our friend has to get back downtown later to catch the megabus back home. Nobody’s ever happy with the location - one friend that lives way out in the NW suburbs has declined because it’s a long drive for her on a Friday night at rush hour. Can’t blame her.

Okay, enough rambling. Back to work. Glad I finished the one project yesterday. Now to just go back and pick up the other things I’ve been putting off to get the other project done.
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