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Good morning from a very, very wet Northwest. Yesterday I told you what a beautiful day it was. Well, that passed. By mid afternoon it was raining and today we've added blowing winds to the mix. The next few days it begins to taper off as the storm passes, but main I am beginning to realize that weather really impacts my mood.

SilentArctic -- We'll trap that balance thing, hog tie it, and never let it go. Do what Ubee says and drink lots of water. I always poo-pooed the idea that drinking water helps with weight loss. And it doesn't, but it helps us stay hydrated which keeps our bodies from wanting to hold on to every drop of water we ingest and keeps the water weight off. But any weight not appear -- either from water or fat -- is weight gone as far as I'm concerned. And I'm sure your friends can see a loss. You've lost a lot of weight from your high weight.

Jane -- BIL is doing great. Next week is his appt with the surgeon and hopefully he'll get the release to drive which translates into freedom for both of us. Loved your rationalization on the blizzard. Remember the scene from The Big Chill where one guy says "Have you ever gone a day without a rationalization?" Me neither! Hope the shoulder feels better.

Ubee -- No, you do not have to save the world although I imagine that you (we!) will keep trying. Still buzzing? Doctor's reports were good for both of us. What did you decide to do with your buzz.

Dean -- Love your music selections and the strength to stay on plan when having a bad week. That's a tremendous achievement.

Sam -- Glad you're feeling better and am in awe of doing 45 minutes of tough exercise. You sound super busy at work. Makes the time fly, but take some time to stand and walk around.

Terra -- You must love walking both for the exercise, but I imagine as much for being out and able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells. Hope so anyway.

I've started making out my spring list which is always way too long. Things like getting the windows washed (and this year some of the siding on the house where a certain very large puppy has jumped up), getting the garden ready, repairs, etc. etc. etc. I'm also trying to get back into knitting, have agreed to develop a web site for the Lions Club Arts Festival and am still volunteering at the Coop. This is my latest approach -- if there's no time to snack on the bad stuff, I will lose weight. Have a great day!

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