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betsy - have a net so I can trap it if I find it? *puts up balance wanted poster *

Terra -I'm joining on the wanting a turn around. I'm up around the same 5lbs.

Ubee _ I felt better after a SHORT workout but then was hungry and overindulged at supper. I find that when I workout my apetite is REALLY hard to battle with. Does anyone else find that? I mean by old standards I did not eat THAT much, I had 2 instead of 1 chicken breasts, and some corn and mushrooms. Honestly I was hungry enough to eat more but I cut myself off after the double portions (and went to a friends to watch a movie). I am ironically up like 5lbs this AM but I'm trying not to let it phase me. (Up from what I weighed yesterday not up from ticker weight,but still... annoying).

Sam: Glad you are starting to feel better. You are hardcore I need to ease back into workouts.

Dean- Good for you staying on track despite the stress. I need to master that.

So I'm trying not to stress over the 'gain' I know that I just need get back on track and cut back on salt, and maybe cut back on carbs and the numbers should slowly get back to where they were. I'm really only slightly above my ticker weight but earlier in the week I was seeing numbers that flirted seriously with the 300 borderline so its a bit of a let down that I let myself get back up.

I sort of feel pressure now that afew people have started to confirm that my weight loss is slightly noticeable. Only super observant people that notice that type of thing, but still. A friend last night said "no really you can see it, your doing good, you can see it in your back and arms" which is comforting because I guess I don't really notice how bulky they were? So I was starting to freak that maybe I WAS just losing all muscle mass. It's comforting but I feel slight external pressure now to keep the weight off and to continue loosing.
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