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Starting over sucks.
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Betsey how is the brother in law recovering? It's always easier to give up a vice when something drives you away from it. Hope you feel 100% soon!

Sam Glad to hear things are settling down. My MIL and my best friend are both insurance adjusters and another good friend sells policies. It's a tough job! You're braver than I.

Dean Sounds like some good tunes!

feeling a lot more motivated this week. Got 30 minutes in at the pool yesterday and again this morning, and I took the dog for a walk/fetch session last night. My left shoulder is bugging me today though, and I wonder if maybe I overdid it a little at the pool. If it's still sore tomorrow I'll either take a rest day or just do water leg sprints.

I fasted throughout the day and had an on plan supper, but I did indulge in some ice cream. My bf has a sore throat, and his "sick thing" is ice cream. I did only get a mini Blizzard, and I picked the lowest carb count one on the nutritional info. Doesn't make it any better, but since I managed to not swear, check Facebook or eat cheese (except for what was in the crab stuffing in my salmon, but they needed to be eaten before they spoiled and that's a far cry from 4 or 5 hunks of cheese a day. Listen to my rationalize! lol).

Work is slow, but there is more talk of an impending sale, so right now we're sort of sitting on our hands. Hope to have some news soon. Have a great day everyone!

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