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Originally Posted by miniapplecocoa View Post

"I didn't come to IE on a whim. It's been building up for a long time and it all started with one question "why are we so afraid to be hungry?" Everywhere I looked everyone was talking about how to get rid of hunger, how to fool hunger, how to keep hunger at bay and over time I realized that hunger is not my enemy and suddenly realized I was caught up in the wrong fight. I cringe when I hear that someone's diet has made their hunger go away... why would anyone try to make their hunger go away when it's one of our base primal instincts?"
This is an excellent observation!

I've always said that one of the most important things IE has taught me is to not be afraid of hunger. For some people - definitely for me - this is the secret. It's okay to get hungry; and it's okay to eat what you need to eat to satisfy that hunger. It's also okay to eat what you want to eat to satisfy your hunger.

The real key is learning to eat TO SATISFY HUNGER, not for the myriad of other reasons we find ourselves turning to food.
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