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Hello to all the Coaches,

I’m back from vacation and work travel, and looking forward to getting back to normal eating. I did ok but there was a lot more veering from too much to too little that kept me from do nothing but over-eating rather than something sensible. Eh. Weigh in tomorrow. I did keep my exercise streak up. Full disclosure: I counted 20 minutes of yoga as exercise on one day. I felt that it counted because I really really didn’t want to do anything but I did anyway. Credit.

I was reviewing my chosen diet (No S) and found this, which really resonates with me, so I thought I’d share:
Don't look at your problem as being too heavy. Look at your problem as two behavioral problems 1) eating too much 2) moving too little. Both of these need to be solved.
BBE: Good job on passing up the snacks. For me, snacks = self-deception because it is impossible to psychologically notice them without a whole lot more math (calorie counting) than I am willing to do.

Seadwaters: Damn. So sorry to hear about your hip. That just sucks especially when you’re getting an exercise groove on. Regarding acupuncture – go for it!

Ladym0208: Keep feeling strong and challenging those thoughts. This
I have a choice in every situation and what ever choice I make will either help or hinder my weight loss efforts.
is gold. Thank you for sharing.

Onebyone: High five for going to the gym and having such a nice lunch. I can also gain two pounds overnight. I truly do not understand that. Where can those two pounds possibly come when nothing is going in and everything is going out?

Maryann: Congrats on the beautiful new clothes.

FutureFitChick: Well done – no choice!

Tricia: That’s a great pic. Enjoy your exercise vid.

Joy: Sending warm thoughts your way.

Lexxiss: I just noticed that nice round number at the bottom of your ticker: 100 lbs. lost. My hat is off.

G’night all, and a happy and healthy day tomorrow.

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