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Debbie, Hope hubby's heart test goes well. I don't know what his complaints about veggies are, but here are a few ideas I like.

If he likes spicy things, you might try my favorite squash recipe: Slice yellow squash and zucchini (you can add sliced carrot too, if you want). Saute in a little olive oil with minced garlic and a pinch (or more if you're brave) of red pepper flakes. All the hot-heads I know gobble these up. Of course, the oil is added calories, but it's healthy oil and make the veggies filling.

Have you tried mashing cauliflower? There are lots of recipes, but all pretty much just like mashing taters. Some recommend adding low-carb imitation mashed potato flakes to make the texture more like taters, but I've never found those.

Instead of broccoli with yellow cheese sauce, I do steamed broccoli and sprinkle each serving with just a table spoon of grated parmesan and then some black pepper.

Hanging in here. Yesterday an evening event prevented me from getting all my water in, and also kept me standing (but not walking) for far too long, and I could tell my legs were still swollen this morning. But stayed on track eating-wise even though there was unexpected birthday cake. Small victories.

Expecting it to get above 40 today, so I'm committed to getting outside for a walk.

Okay, I'd better get myself to the office. Have a great day everyone.

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