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The next 3 pounds are taunting me, I want to be able to say I'm not obese and ill never be obese again. I'm so close. I know the number is probably arbitrary, I'm fit and muscular and eating clean. But I'm so done with obesity, I'm over it.

I know in two weeks ill lose those 3 pounds and it won't sink in for awhile. I still can't believe I'm under 200, I'm afraid I'm going to break my weightloss, whatever that means. Its been a struggle for me to accept that I can and will lose the weight despite having a pretty successful start.

sailor_em thanks for the kind words! There are just too many yummy things at home. I think ill be okay.

Goal List
-Hit Onederland 1/31/14
-No Longer Obese (185) 3/27/14
-Under 170 by my Birthday
-Healthy BMI (155)
-Goal Weight (143??)

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