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Default Wednesday

Good morning Coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day in terms of diet and exercise. I feel like I am in quite a good place at the moment as I am really feeling strong in being able to challenge my sabotaging thoughts. I guess that comes from the knowledge that I have a choice in every situation and what ever choice I make will either help or hinder my weight loss efforts. Sounds simple enough but I have often convinced myself that I don't have a choice that "being fat/ overweight is who I am". Even though I've lost over 50lbs in total this one still crops up every once in a while.

My credits...

- OP for food & exercise
- Leaving food on my plate at lunch and dinner as I was full
- Not eating past the point of fullness at lunch and dinner

onebyone Well done for the early gym session
maryann Happy that you are now able to wear clothes in a smaller size, it's a great feeling
FutureFitChick Well done for giving yourself NO CHOICE, it feels great when you are able to conquer those sabotaging deserve to be slim more than you deserve that food!!
AZtricia I am grateful for this experience as even though it is challenging it really is strengthening my resistance muscle. I am coming to the realisation that if I can face this everyday then when I get home my resistance will be strong. Thanks for the support
gardenerjoy I hope you get that break from the snow
Lexxiss I hope you get your paperwork done and enjoy your break
BillBlueEyes Well done for leaving the rice and for being on plan with your eating

Have a great day xx
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