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That's an exciting deadline, JayZeeJay! Considering how much success you've had so far, I'm sure those last few pounds will slip off with a little effort.

Sum, that's quite a commitment and sounds like you find it very rewarding. And congrats on being "officially" back in the 130's!

I'm recording how many miles I walk on a calendar (17 so far this week) and with any luck I'll be feeling ready for my hiking trip in June! I'm also re-thinking my meals. My weight has settled the past couple of months between 139 and husband suggested I may have gone as far as I'm going to go with what I'm currently doing. After thinking about it, I realized that I sure do eat a lot of bread everyday. So I'm going to plan some meals that focus more on lean protein and veggies, then see if the scale starts changing.
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