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What up everybody!?!?!?!?!?

I'm feeling a lot better now...the stress is gone and I'm back to feeling normal. I hate when I get emotional like that and things aren't going my way. It just was a hard thing for me to deal with and now that it was talked about and out the way I can move on. Thank you all for the love you gave to me.

This week has been even more busy than any other week recently at work. The commercial agent at my office quit to go to property management after doing insurance for 30 years. Guess she needed a change of pace or something. So now I'm doing personal insurance and helping out the manager with commercial when I can. The time has gone by uber fast because I haven't been staring at the clock so much lol...

I ate bread for the first time tonight in almost two months. My belly feels really heavy now so I probably won't do that again. Gluten overload I guess. I wasn't going to exercise but since it's Wednesday and I didn't do anything last week after having the flu or whatever it may have been, and haven't done anything yet this week, I finally blew up my balance ball and did some core training with Turbo Jam. It was hard and I was having trouble staying coordinated but I made it through the whole 45 minute high intensity work out so I would say I deserve a pat on the back LOL!!! I even got to wear one of my new sports bras so I guess that was cool. I haven't had a sports bra fit me so well in years lol...

I'm glad there are so many people in here that it really makes me feed off the high energy in here....We ARE going to do this guys!! Everyone is doing such a great job it makes me so happy to hear! Even if we have set backs, don't give up! I'm not giving up so I hope you don't either!!

I hope everyone is having a great night and stay HEALTHY and HAPPY!!! <3

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