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Hi everyone! We went to the gym this morning. I got bored walking so only did 1/2+ mile instead of full mile (15 min), but I did jog the shorter ends most of the laps. Then I followed that with 20 min on the bike. I did 6 min on the hand bike but no other machines. Was very tired most of the day but I perked up by late afternoon. Dinner was almond chicken and rice. I goofed up and after dinner I thought I didn't have a carb...forgot all about the rice! So I ate a tangerine! Silly me...probably some sort of Freudian slip because I've been hungry for fruit. Also I had a mocha for an afternoon snack....first I again had it before my bs was down enough, plus I realized later that because I used almond milk, I didn't get a protein and I'm supposed to have a protein every time I eat. Which might be partly why my bs shot up and was still high at dinner time! This is a simple diet plan but you do have to think and sometimes my mind just shuts off I guess. At least my calories, carbs were fine for the day and my fiber was 28. So not bad. I was pleased last night that I was hardly tempted to eat or not...the evening passed without my even seriously thinking about snacking.

I was going to get my nails done today but didn't get there. I didn't get much done except buy groceries and I'm STILL working on yesterday's laundry. Hope to do a few more things tonight. I have an appt tomorrow to get my nails done. Thinking about getting my hair cut. Since I've been washing it every day with the medicated shampoos and using conditioner, my hair has gotten SO soft and limp I can't do anything with it. The bangs just hang and look terrible. I can't even use styling products per dr's order, so I'm a mess.
Dh said he now thinks he likes it better short...well I agree with the way it looks now. Just when I am starting to get used to having long hair. I think I'll cut back a little on the conditioner...but afraid to cut it out entirely because medicated shampoos have made my hair very dry in the past and I think the conditioner is what has prevented that this time. I'll also try using a few rollers in the top and maybe the sides. Ugh I hate messing with my hair! Guess this is why I've mostly worn it short, but I get sick of short too. Whine, whine, whine..

Rosey - Thanks for reminding me about Survivor!! It will be nice for you to have a craft room with all that you do that way.

Tam - You are so busy! I can't even imagine doing all you do with three businesses!

Lucinda - I'm sure the exercises are for younger people. I'm sure I would have to modify them somewhat. I still haven't gotten to them, but I like the idea of just doing 4 min. Hope you feel better soon. Oh Lucinda on the looking older than we think thing...I am 71 and several years ago (I was probably in my early or mid 60s at the time), I was walking down the hall and saw my first thought is what is that old lady doing in here?!! It happens to the best of us.

Lynn - I hope 1-1-1 works well for you. My only concern esp for you is that you in the past have always had to keep to very few calories in order to lose. But you can do like I do and continue to count your calories if you want to be careful, or keeping to 1-1-1 at all meals might be enough. I have gone high a couple days when eating restaurant food but usually my calories are in appropriate range. Since Ive been on it such a short time, I'm still scared about not losing, but will soon find out. Today I asked the author about this so hope I'll hear back and perhaps gain added insight.

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