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Its a beautiful sunny day here. soon I will be able to sit on the deck Dh has been moving stuff out of the soon to be craft room. right now he and a friend have moved the bed into another bedroom and putting it back together. I feel some what guilty that I cant help. being handicapped sucks some times. theres boxes and totes piled in the living room. I knew I had a lot of craft stuff but seeing it all in a pile is awesome ,I could open a store . Lynn,i just saw a video on facebook of paintings of women by famous artists,they kinda changed and melded into each other. I really liked it. if you access me on facebook on my page you can see it. it reminded me of you mentioning your favorite painting. I admire those that are exercising,even tho im handicapped there are things I can do I just don't Hoping your evenings great, 2 of my favortite shows are on tonite at the same time. survivor and American idol. survivor is repeated and the tvn on sat nites so you know what im watching. ttfn rosey


chix ranch pizza
iced tea

baked chix
brocollii rice
green salad

1 c sf fat free cherry vanilla ice cream

I am enough!

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