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got a late start to posting today...been busy at work getting statements ready to go out.

I have to go BACK to campus tonight to work on that damn project for accounting...I was right in that my financial reports are off by $420. I think I know where to find it though - I saw that amount in the rental equipment account so I'll see if I can journal entry it away. Waiting for the TA to respond is **** She only responds to email during a 2 hour time frame each day! ARGH!!!! Gotta get it done tonight cause it's due tomorrow.

B - Santa Fe instant re-fried beans/egg whites/green salsa
S - mini babybel light
L - 2 slices leftover Papa John's Hawaiian Pizza
D - will fix a turkey patty, steak fries, asparagus

no exercise AGAIN because I have to run off to school for the 3rd night in a row GRRRRRR I had to work on it Monday, last night I had class, gotta go finish it up tonight, tomorrow night I have class, and saturday is the 3rd and final CIS midterm. *sigh*

yay! a new Vegas countdown! I had to cancel the October trip...but it's ok now! Mandalay Bay January 11th - 13th

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