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I don't know if this is a problem for the amounts that you are eating, but too much protein without enough fat can be hazardous. Please google "rabbit starvation" and "protein poisoning" if you haven't heard of them, just so you know about what can happen if it is taken to the extreme.

Most low-carb diets use fat as the staple nutrient. I think that's why Atkins didn't work well for me in the long run. I was too used to eating low-fat. To be honest, I think my problem may have been that I was eating too much protein, which is what you suspect might be happening in your case (if you want to be in ketosis).

Since you know about gluconeogenesis, you know that protein can be metabolized into glucose (plus nitrogen-based portions which are used or excreted). It looks like it's pretty inefficient in that you only get about half the amount of carbs as the amount of protein you start with. But we only need on average about 50 g protein a day, so you could be metabolizing a significant amount of glucose (over 50 g) from the remaining protein.

You might want to post in one of the low carb forums for more information. I limit my carbs, but I'm not trying to stay in ketosis. I'm just trying to avoid eating too much, which I do when I eat more carbs.
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