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Hi everyone!!

Sherma - Welcome! I share the non-habit of water! For some reason unless I'm exercising I don't find myself ever being thirsty. So I have to force myself/remind myself to drink. But we'll get there

Alaskanlaughter - I'm sorry things have been dramatic for you being back home. I can totally understand the eating situation, you're only human. Once you're back home you can get it right back together! Skipping running was definitely smart. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself and then have to skip a lot more running!

Okay so here's my stats for today
Weigh in 312.6 (-0.2)

B - Nothing yet!! (This night shift stuff really has me screwed up)
L/D - Wheat flat bread veggie sandwich (Green peppers, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, onions, cheese)
S - Plain yogurt with carrots and walnuts

I will definitely have a much better eating plan tomorrow. I know it's not healthy to skip so many meals but it's very difficult working 12 hours overnight, getting sleep during the day, and then waking up and trying to fit in 3 meals like I would normally. And I'm trying to go to sleep at normal time tonight to get back to an AM - PM routine.

Mini goals
1st - 324 lbs (20 lb loss) CHECK!
2nd - 310 lbs (10% loss)
3rd - 299 lbs (Out of the 300's!)
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