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Happy - Thanks for the link re the Sony earphones you have. I've had ear hook and behind-the-head type earphones in the past, and they work well to not fall out, but when I think of dealing with those and my winter headband, hat, scarf...they might not work or be comfortable. I'll have to figure it out. I don't, however, want to spend all that much because I seem to go through them quickly. They don't take well to constantly being shoved into and pulled out of my purse/pocket.

Shad - Hope you can avoid the flu going 'round. I've probably avoided being sick lately because I have a habit of not leaving my little cubicle often during the day, and staying home after work. Luckily there isn't much face-to-face on the train - if anyone's coughing some germs, it's at the back of one's head, eewwwww. Re the gain - yeh, not much, but they do eventually add up and, in fact, have. But I will keep plugging. It'll never be easy. Re the pushup challenge - I'm keeping up just fine, and trying to do a couple sets of the challenge's rep quantity for the day, just to up the benefit. But...I've backed off even trying to do a standard pushup for the past several days - it's just too demoralizing to barely be able to complete one in good form. I guess I should just keep on trying...

Glad you both like my spring avatar. Thinking about when I'll be able to walk Coal past the house that has a rather large bed of lily of the valley - so very pretty at their height.

Back to the grind. Finished one project and handed it off. Yessss! (fist pump). Onto the next task.
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