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Wannabe, just because you're practicing IE does not mean that you cannot have a traditional "weight loss goal".

Yes, you're not on a diet and yes, part of IE is about body acceptance in any size, but the end result of IE could still be a slimmer, 150lbs you. The key is to focus on being healthy and happy along the journey because the journey could take years. At the end of the day, you may find that your weight settles comfortably within a specific range that could be higher, lower or at around 150lbs but by then, the number on the scale well and truly does not matter to you anymore.

The thing here is that unlike your friends who are focused on summer, you are building up a long term mentality to succeed for a lifetime and it truly becomes a change in outlook and lifestyle for you. Letting go is definitely not easy and I can understand where you're coming from but it's just the start for you now. Give it time and stick to the plan and in the meantime, talk to your friends about all the healthy and fun activities you all can do together.
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