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Morning all,
Sitting here with a coffee and waiting for something to happen - not sure what that might be, but instinct tells me that crap will descend at some time of the day. The winter weather has almost gone again. We are not being hammered as Christchurch got hammered - poor sods, earthquakes, crumbling cliffs, liquefaction and now floods - Mother nature sure has done a job on them over the past couple of years.

Today is overcast and damp, and while it is not warm (as it was a week ago) it's not freezing either and the sun is supposed to shine this afternoon. Well we will see about that.

Annie- Get thee back in here woman and feel the luuuuve. You have much to be grateful for and much to look forward too.

Happy - Congratulations on a great achievement. Some marriages don't last 37 days or 37 months much less 37 years. Hope you manage to find something nice to eat for an anniversary dinner.
We don't get snow round here often. Usually with freak storms like the one just passed. There is snow on the mountains around the top of the Hutt Valley and the Orongorongo Range in mid winter which can look quite spectacular, but as for it sitting on the ground - forget it. Rarely happens.

Michelle - nice to know you are ironing the bugs out of the system one by one. 99 to go, 99 bugs in the code, 99 bugs, fix one bug 127 bugs in the system.

Laura - I can understand how you must all get tired of the snow and cold. I hate grey days. Grey is such a non-colour. Makes everything dreary looking.
Point 0.2 gain isn't much. Might have been that water you had earlier hanging about? I've all but given up on losing weight, that scale just isn't going to budge. I can change the shape of the body by exercise, but little seems to affect that weight. Maybe if I stopped eating at all................ Nah, there are some pleasures in life I won't give up.
I'm up to 9 pushups in that challenge now. I forgot to do them yesterday, so my rest day was back then and I have done the 9 this morning. How you going with that?
Oh yeah, and I love that spring avatar.

Ceejay - I've heard of things getting stuck with ice, but never thought it would happen down your way. You live and learn. Hope the bloke learnt his lesson with the mistakes he made.

Susie - get well soon. The flu is rife around here at the moment. One of the trainers went down with it yesterday and my office pal had to fill in. It's not a pretty thing. Double ear AND sinus - painful.

Terra - have you got lost walking the house?
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