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Nope, ok then.

Susie - sorry to hear that you are on round 2 of being sick. With both ears and the sinus infected you must be really be hurting! And still you are working - what a trooper. I hope you can zip through this quickly - ugh.

Shad - how odd to hear you talking about snow. The last time I remember you coming in contact with it was when you took that train trip up in northern Canada - the Rocky Mountain Mountaineer something or other. You must really be freezing!

Ceejay - hope things have defrosted down your way. There is a special sort of icing that happens in southern ice storms. Brrr. I can believe your car was frozen in. Yum, I love pot pies even if the crust (best part) make them calorie bombs

Michelle - glad you got a good session with the PT. Sounds like this will help you a lot. Thanks for the info on the avocados. I just bought 3 of them and am looking forward to a couple of good meals. I'm sorry to hear that Santa is slow to heal. Poor guy

Annie - hope you are doing better today. I'm sure that Sissy will appreciate you being available to help her out next week and someone will need Lil Man / Big Bro to play with him while Mom's a little busy so find your smile and remember there are some good things to be had besides the sadness.

Laura - hope your weigh in wasn't too dreadful. One should get a pass from weighing in on Fat Tuesday. I think you are right about each generation loving the time when they were young. My Mom liked the 40's when they'd dress up and go downtown and meet sailors and go to dance halls - I called her a floozy picking up guys but she said nope, pure as the driven snow - no hanky panky like when I went to dance clubs and the guys were trolling for "love the one you're with" I would only be young again if it were the 70's all over again. My sister is fond of the 80's herself. I would have to say my least favorite Sandra B movie is Blindside. She's sort of a supporting character in that I think. She does do a good job in Gravity and if you look at it from the point of isolation and I guess a bunch of deeper things I never gave thought to when I watched it - it was a very good acting job that she did.

I think we kind of decided we are going to put off going to dinner until the weekend. This time of year is REALLY slow around here. A lot of businesses and restaurants close up between March and May 1 so in a field of not much to pick from, now there's even less. That's ok, I have stuff in the freezer to make a good meal for us. DH just announced it's 25 degrees out - whoo hoo - heat wave!!!! Will have to go stick my face in the sunshine.

Have a good day all.
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