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Morning all. Woke up to snow. Seems like no one is focused on it – neighbors that usually get right on with clearing their sidewalks first thing did not, and the roads don’t seem to have been cleared either. It’s only a couple inches, so maybe the municipalities are conserving their salt?? Huh. Slush city.

Ceejay – Good you had the newbie working out his own errors – hope he learns something from it and will be less of a know-it-all now that he has been proven he’s not!! How was the pot pie? I just LOVE those, but I rarely indulge. The frozen ones from the store are chock full of sodium, and the decent-sized ones are full of calories and have the nerve to be considered two servings. Naturally, I want to eat the whole thing. My strategy is to just get them at a restaurant, but not many places serve them. It’s been forever since I had one…Glad your car was able to be pushed out. That must have been a lot of ice!! Icicles are pretty, but watch out!

Michelle – I love avocados! I think I may have finally got bf on to them (though he already loves guacamole), which is good because it’ll help to use them up. I could easily eat an entire one myself, but it’s better that we share it, LOL. I hope the back exercise class at the hospital is helpful for you and you can get stronger and ultimately be pain-free!! Speaking of pain – I sure hope the vet can help poor little Santa with his paw.

Shad – Gosh, your weather sounds like Chicago – if you don’t like it, wait 5 min. Except for this winter – wait 5 months. Hope you get to see the light show. Re the title…I’d rather be impressed via currency, lol. Keep us posted on any more funny bloopers.

Susie – So sorry to hear you’re sick again!! What a doozie – double ear & sinus infection!!! But you’re still working away…just make sure you’re getting a lot of rest so as to help along your recovery. Feel better soon sistah!

Happy – Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby – 37 years is a long time! So’s 42!!! LOLOL re your mom giving you a dispensation on the no-meat Ash Wed. Enjoy your steak dinner!! So is the dry needling uncomfortable enough that you don’t want to have to do it again? See how you feel – it might be worth it if it gives you some relief.

Hellos to Annie and Terra!!!
Yesterday’s WW meeting showed a gain of 0.2 pounds from my last WW weigh-in. I’ve updated my ticker since I’ve been hanging around at a weight that’s about 5 pounds higher than I achieved last summer. I’m going to work on everything – eating, activity...attitude…

Nothing much else to report. I’m researching earphones/earbuds. Seems to be a lot of opinions out there. I don’t need anything with high sound quality – I actually listen to a lot more podcasts than I do music on my phone, so that’s not a big concern. But I’d like to get something better fitting (and there are a LOT of opinions on that subject), and longer lasting – the inline remote microphone on my current ones isn’t working so I can’t use it to answer phone calls or stop/start the audio player. Bleh.

Finally watched the Jimmy Fallon show I recorded a couple weeks ago. I only dvr’d it because his guest was Justin Timberlake, and from what I’ve seen previously, those two are hilarious together. Good show – they did a great rap song medley. I’ll have to watch for more of JT’s guest appearances so I can dvr them.

That’s about it for me. TTFN!!
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