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Yesterday I didn't get home until almost 8, so in my hunger, I munched on some baked kettle chips while at Target. I probably didn't get to eat until almost 9 after cooking, cleaning, homework for the little one, and packing lunches for today. We really can't be out that late - it was an overzealous errand run after our long days at work and school.

March 4, 2014
B: Hot tea w/lemon and agave (30), 1 cup roasted red pepper soup (92) = 122
S: None = 0
L: 1 cup chicken enchilada soup (149) = 149
S: Baby carrots/cherry tomato (50) w/ light ranch (80) = 130
D: corn tortilla quesadilla (80), turkey taco meat (128), cup 2% cheese (160) 2T light sour cream (40), salsa (10), mushroom, spinach, jalapeno, cilantro (35) = 453
S: Baked kettle chips (130), frozen banana chocolate slices (80) = 210
TOTAL: 1064

Today, I'm making a vegetable cornmeal casserole, but I'm thinking of asking the boyfriend to bake some chicken wings too. The casserole is only 216 calories a serving and I'd end up being in the 600 calorie range - that's no good! I could use a little bit of chicken wing in my life today
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